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Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is collectively the largest and only pet care retail chain in South East Asia. Headquartered in Singapore and a household name today, PLC has been and continues to delight pet owners and pets alike ever since it was founded in 1973. That's because shopping at PLC is all about value and offers that just keep getting better and better. And that's on top of the widest and freshest range of products you can ever find. With prompt, friendly and helpful service to boot. As a matter of fact, it's a shopping experience that's nothing short of award winning.

You and your pet deserve the most out of life. To help you attain that, PLC has become the standard bearer for responsible pet ownership. Everything we do for you is centred on this noble principle. That's why PLC created financial aid to help people in Singapore to adopt a pet rather than buy one. Wearing our heart on our sleeve, we also formed the Pet Lovers Foundation in 2009 to serve "Pets, People and our Planet".

Your Pet is at the Heart of Pet Lovers Centre

Wherever you and your pet might be in the Asia Pacific region, PLC is working hard to be the leader in providing you quality pet care services.

We turn our love and passion for pets into highly rewarding, loving and fun experiences for you. You get quality pet care, lifestyle enhancement, excellent accessibility and no-nonsense value for money.

Your values also define our values, and we make sure we respect them every day:

  • Integrity  | we stick to moral values that are right and that meet your expectations
  • Professionalism  |  with constant diligence and courtesy
  • Effectiveness  |  doing the right thing and doing it right the first time
  • Teamwork  |  all staff members of PLC working together to serve you
  • Service  |  making you a happy customer who chooses to come back to us again and again

The Pet Service You'll Simply Love!

Our promise to you is that "PLC is where pet lovers can shop with total confidence and peace of mind!" We also go to great lengths to keep that promise.

  • You can shop in any of our 119 outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines for the same top quality and value

  • Our vet-trained pet-care consultants in our stores provide you with friendly, professional advice on pet care

  • Our themed “The Pet Safari” stores across the region each bring the best pet products and services together for you under one roof. Enjoy the shopping experience with your pet!

  • Our own Burp! and Trustie brands make quality pet care for you even more accessible

How Customers Like You Have Shaped Our Story

The passion for pets that drives us to serve you so well today is the same passion that inspired our founders, David and Robert Ng. In 1973, they realised a dream to open Singapore’s first shop to offer everything a pet could ever need. Our founders were driven by passion, creativity and innovation. They initiated many firsts: a retail shop to import dry dog food, offer anti flea and tick shampoo, nutritional supplements for pets, and supply dry dog food to Singapore’s police and army canine units.

“Pet Lovers Centre” was named for the company the way they felt about pets. Today, the second generation of the Ng family continues David and Robert Ng’s tradition and dream. Pet Lovers Centre remains a forward thinking leader in the industry, always innovating to meet customer demands in a world of change.

Our Commitments to You

For the best pet care and supply experience anywhere, we offer you our:

  • Guarantee - our exchange policy allows you to return* products within 7 days

  • Service - we provide service with a smile because we value your patronage

  • Knowledge - our Pet Advisors attend Pet Lovers Training School to give you the best advice on pet care

  • Convenience - we meet your needs with 119 regional locations, 24-hour online shopping and prompt home delivery

  • Variety - we bring you the latest products, also ensuring you get what you want

  • Freshness - our stocking policy and turnover ensure your products are always fresh

  • Membership Privileges - enjoy exclusive members’ offers through the year at our stores and be entitled to discounts from selected businesses under the Friends of PLC programme