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One of the staff is very helpful and give suggestions according to our needs. Ravikiran Jasti, 13 March 2021

Strategically located at the MyTown B1 mall entrance. I was there last week tobuy a dog house and also a transporter to bring my dog Korean back to my mum's house kinda staffs was very helpful my selection, patient with me deciding as well as helping me to upload the big dog house into my car. The place also has all pet lover needs in terms of items ranging from foods to toys to clothings. Do register for the VIP member and get amazing discounts too. R K, 20 January 2021

Friendly and helpful staffs. Willing to go the extra mile for customers. Shuwen Lim, 19 January 2021

I want to commend your company to the employee. She is an employee in Permas/Toppen Outlet, whose name is Zhiwei. I bought a Persian cat from her in August at Toppen Outlet. She has a very good attitude and is very helpful. After I purchased it, I still contacted her for questions about cat, and she was also willing to give me advice and help. Thank her very much. Crystal Lye, 26 December 2020

I bought the cat cage, scratcher & 8kg pet food (2) spent about RM319 after member discount. Helpful staff who assisted me to carry those foodstuff. Thank you. Cik Sha M, 11 November 2020

Staff are helpful and friendly. Have been buying with them for almost 10 years since we have 12 cats.. Muhammad Danish, 5 November 2020

My usual kinda pet food supplies. Maureen Lee, 27 October 2020

Good place to find your pet's stuffs. Muhammad Latiff, 8 October 2020

The staff there was so helpful, and the item selection was good too. Aishath Malsa, 30 September 2020

Very friendly staff. Excellent items and super convenient. NiğhţWişhÄňgéĽ, 28 September 2020

Great customer service. Good selection of pet related products. Shangar Eagamathan, 19 September 2020

Great customer service. I bought a Bristol cage for my hamster last year. Staff let us see a few cages before we buy the one we really like. Doesn't complain instead she gave us suggestions and comparison between the cages. I'm really happy shopping here would definitely buy another cage for upgrade from this store soon. Big store has a lot of items for pets with reasonable price. Keep up the good work 👍🏻 Merissa Vause, 27 August 2020

Such amazing service and friendly staff! Was extremely pleased and comfortable with my shopping experience there earlier. D MusicMixx, 27 August 2020

The store assistants, Rany and Anbu are very knowledgable and helpful. They took time to explain things to me and attended to my queries, something that most pet store assistants lack. Good place to shop for your pet. Price very reasonable. Shyamini Kallidass, 19 August 2020

It was amazing I got everything for a very very good price. It is one of my favourite place to go when I need dog food or hamster food. Linnea Dimblad, 1 August 2020

The staff knows well when asked about stuff. Recommended if wanna buy items for your pet. Sofea Adlina, 31 July 2020

Complete one stop center for your pets. Favourite place for me and will come always for my beloved pet's need. Koon Soon, 27 July 2020

I always buy snacks for my dog from there. Staff are very helpful :3 Philia Ho, 13 July 2020

Good service, well stocked, competitive prices and many discount from partnerships with multiple banks. Will come again! Nadya Adzhar, 12 July 2020

Environment is good, lot of things and big. A lot of things for dog, cat, reptiles and fish. W.T.L, 30 June 2020

The employees are friendly and helpful. Helped me find the right type of litter sand to use for my kitten. Fiqri S. Azman, 6 June 2020

They observe the COVID-19 SOP. Variety of items in the shop to choose. Khairi K, 1 June 2020

Helpful staff! I like that it's a bigger store and therefore more room to browse. Z Rahm, 28 May 2020

I was surprised by how well I was treated as a customer in a pet shop. Joined as a member right away. Fantastic service and going to shop here as a loyal customer from here on out! Jia Di Lau, 24 May 2020

The service and the advises!! Ena Ismail, 22 May 2020

Big place to buy pet. Rayyan Zailani, 8 May 2020

You will find anything you many need for your pet. The boarding service is highly recommended. A Metalhead Biker, 5 May 2020

Friendly staff, cheap price compared with other pet stores. Karen Drums, 4 May 2020

Great place to get all your pet needs. Staff are super friendly and helpful. Kenfoo, 2 March 2020

Best services and good consultancy for pets. Highly recommend here is you are looking for pet products and lives near here. Danial Haziq, 17 January 2020

I must say, that this place is small although, but the staff is so helpful, patient and professional. Will I go back again? Yes for sure! Yong Chung Lee, 19 January 2020

I love going here for all my hamster needs. Stuff like an extra wheel, hamster food, and whatever else. Reasonable price and they appear to treat animals with respect and dignity. Staff is really friendly and nice too, keep up the fantastic job ♡ Jamie Chan, 4 February 2020

I went to the store last week to buy some stuff for my cats. A staff named Fika (if I'm not mistaken), was very friendly and helpful as well. Good job ! Definitely worth to give five stars rating. Fairy Sparkle, 25 February 2020

Staff is always so friendly, and they can always answer my questions. They also have a wide variety of food for your pets, from cats to small pets. Definitely my go-to pet shop. Anima Astraille, 3 January 2020

People here is so kind and knowledgeable 😇. I’m actually very surprised hamsters here are also very gentle. I like this place. Superスーパー, 20 March 2020

Great and friendly sales team and well stocked inventory... The Evolve branch sales person also great in assisting to check stock availability of the dog food I wanted in Courtyard. Albert Seow, 17 January 2020

Excellent Service and Good Knowledge.The girls were so helpful today.Highly recommended.They take care of their pets well. Suzanna and Premi Pillay, 20 September 2019

One of the best pet shop in Klang. Recommended for all the pet lovers in Klang. 😉 Yoga Raju, 7 April 2019

My go to pet shop in klang valley. Service is always with a smile and helpful. Staff always looks happy to work there. And they always stock up on my cat's favourite stuff. Win. Aimi, 13 April 2018

I can get all my hamster accessories and their staff really friendly and informative as well. reasonable price. Recommended ! Wa'yu El Islami, 7 April 2019

Stocks a whole range of products and the staff are always ever ready to help assist you on any questions you may have on your pet's needs. S.Lim, 7 November 2017

Proactive and friendly staff. I Could not find parking and called them if they would deliver to me at my car outside. They did and even offer to swipe my members card for points. Well done!!! Shirin Ismail, 10 November 2019

Friendly staff, very helpful and provide good recommendation in buying stuff at the store.. Haizrina Anis, 3 June 2019

Many variety of food and accessories for dogs, cats, small animals and also exotic animals don't have to go to different stores to find. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Imelda Chong, 13 March 2019

This store is amazing, many varieties of food and the lady at the pet store today was so friendly. Would recommend anyone who wants good imported products for their pets. My kitten loves her food, I'm more than happy to see my lil baby kitten enjoying it. Miss Everything, 11 June 2019

A lot of products for pet lovers. More than in Singapore and the price is in nearly all cases cheaper than in Singapore. Tom Kamm, 28 October 2019

To Mr Muhd Fitri Hadi, Thank you so much for going above and beyond customer service! Keep up the great job! 👏👏 You deserve more than a 5 star! Fatin Othman, 7 November 2019

Large stall. Informative and helpful staff. Prices - standard pet lovers prices, so nothing to boost about.
It's difficult to find the shop if you are not familiar with the building. Go down the escalator near the level 1 supermarket. Spend RM80 gives you free membership that you can get further discount. Andass Teu, 8 August 2019

The sales personal has good products knowledge. Parking is a problem at this area. hope the management will be able to allocate a customer parking lot in front. Coral Chew, 6 April 2019

Technically I buy the cat food from Pet Lovers Centre since I feed my cats grain free kibbles and human grade can food. All in all a practical shop that sells almost all brands. Recommended. Dyllon Ekanayake, 3 March 2019

Very friendly and helpful staff!! Even though I couldn’t find dog shoes but I found everything else I was looking for. Claudia W, 15 April 2019

It has plenty of branches nationwide, it has super premium catfood, and the membership extends to all branches. Among the best pet care store I've come acrossed. Ikhwan Arif, 11 May 2017