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New Arrivals

Biogance Paw Palm & Dentiplaque

Made mainly of Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and beeswax, BIOGANCE Paw Balm moisturises, protects, softens and repairs your animal’s truffles and pads, which can sometimes be dry, cracked or damaged. It is easy to apply, penetrates quickly and its unobtrusive smell is ultra-pleasant! It should be used to nurture, especially in case of fragility of the truffle or pads, in preparation for holidays, during time of intense activity, but also in cold weather, to reform a solid cushion after injury, etc. Dentiplaque helps fight tartar and prevent plaque formation for dogs and cats. The product also helps fight bad breath and contributes to good oral hygiene.

MyFamily Hush Tag

Hushtag is the new collection of “silent” tags. The extraordinary and innovative feature of this MyFamily production consists exactly in the very complex treatment process that sees the fusion of the two materials, rubber and metal that together create an indissoluble body. They are available in different colours!

Trustie Igloo Pet Bed

This Trustie pet igloos provides luxurious rest for your furry four-legged friends. Provides a warm, snug environment and crafted with a comfortable and ample cushion at its entry.

Monster Dog Toys

Monster Treat Release – Eye Ball toy is superbly hard wearing. With no noise and erratically bounce to keep your dog fit and active at all times. It can withstand rigorous chewing (although not indestructible). Fill the eye-ball with tasty treats to create a rewarding healthy playtime. The eye hole also glows in the dark for night time fun. The Monster Canvas Plush toy is carefully crafted and is extremely durable. The long and wide canvas plush combined with a crinkle head and soft, plush exterior is ideal for your pooch long hours of interactive fun. This durable fabric stands up to plenty of play, so you and your pal can keep the interactive fun going!

NanoSanitas Puppy Shampoo and Multi-Purpose Fur & Skin Care Spray

NanoSanitas Puppy Shampoo is designed for gentle cleansing. Containing plant extracts and Nanosilver that provides smell inhibiting properties and promotes wound healing, while contributing to a more holistic defence against infections, fleas & ticks.

NanoSanitas Multi-Purpose Fur & Skin Care spray is designed to deal with skin and coat problems of small to big animals (horses, dogs, etc.). This multi-purpose spray is suitable for sensitive skin, cleans and freshens the coat of the animal, as it inhibits pathogens and the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes. It can be safely used directly on to the pet’s skin or fur, even with the presence of cuts, irritations or abrasions, as it promotes tissue regeneration. This eco-friendly product is packed without parabens and silicones and has no side effects and can be applied safely around the mouth, eyes and nose of the pet.

Canine Caviar Alkaline Dog Dry Food

Canine Caviar uses herbs and ingredients along with our unique processing procedure to create an alkaline diet. Our diets are carefully formulated to change the pH to 7.1 to 7.4. This is optimum for maintaining proper cellular regeneration and reducing anaerobic activity (aging).

Pero Grain / Gluten Free Dog Dry Food

100% Delicious & complete expertly formulated recipe, coupled with unwavering ethics, we strive to provide your dog with only the best all natural, super premium dog foods. Made entirely from quality UK sourced meats with full traceability. Our varied recipes cater for dogs of all shapes and sizes providing essential nutrients to suit most dietary requirements.

Mud Daddy Portable Mud Washing Brush

Mud Daddy’s washing brush is the best solution to keep your dog and car clean and mud free. The Mud Daddy is noise-free thus dogs do not mind getting washed, it’s portable & compact, environmentally friendly, heavy duty and does not require any battery or electricity. Just fill it up with hot water and a little mix of shampoo and you are ready to go.

Proteger Pet Wipes

Hypoallergenic, alcohol and paraben-free, thick and soft wipes that leave your pets clean with supple skin and coat. With Aloe vera known of anti-inflammatory properties emersed with olive oil rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizer.

Applaws Grain-Free Dry Dog & Cat Food

Many dry dog and cat foods use grains as their primary source of protein. Diets that contain high levels of grain can be hard for dogs and cats to digest and convert into energy. This could stress the liver and kidneys and can lead to the development of sensitivities and allergies. That’s why Applaws is grain and cereal free!

Contains natural pre-biotic and pro-biotic may encourage the presence of friendly bacteria in the gut and support a healthy immune system. Natural Omega 3 & 6 nourish your dog or cat’s coat, producing a stunning silky appearance. Up to 75% - 80% Animal Protein providing a high meat content for easy digestibility.


Procão Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

Procão Amazônia is the vice-leasing brand for Pet Care Products in Brazil for the 3rd consecutive year. We have been in the Market for 9 years and we offer a wide range of products, from hygiene, grooming, colognes, potty trainers, household cleaning and games & toys.

Our Amazônia Line consist of Amazon plant-derived and sustainably sourced ingredients, filled with antioxidants and hydrating natural oils that go deep under your pets fur for great skin hydration.